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The value of steady leadership


Likelihood of achieving performance KPIs under leaders who value learning and development1

Increase in shareholder returns under managers who actively engage employees and develop talent2

Likelihood of a successful transformation when leaders can communicate a compelling change story.3

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What strategies can I use to navigate uncertainty and lead change?
How can I ensure for my business to thrive amidst disruption?
How to attract and retain the best talent for my business?
How can I use data to make better business decisions?

“After completing the whole program, I really felt the modules were carefully thought through in terms of sequencing and how it built upon each other. I particularly liked Module 1 – Developing Self-Awareness & Personal Mastery. I think many of us were promoted into leadership positions because we are competent, but not quite sure how we will influence and affect our teams.
I liked that the instructors were vested in how we can actually apply the concepts we have learnt at our workplace. They will always ask whether we feel confident to implement the new concepts learnt; why and why not and try to trouble-shoot our reservations from there. We were also nudged to give concrete examples of how we’ll apply it – I think it was to demonstrate that we have thought about how we’ll use our newly acquired skills, and not just brushing them off with some superficial answers.”

Hanly Chen, Deputy Director (Industry Human Capital, PME & Leadership), Enterprise Singapore

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