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For every $1 spent in leadership training, annual ROI is $4.15 1

Percentage of employees who trust and follow engaging leaders 2

Average salary increase for people who join upskilling programs 3

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How do I transcend beliefs that limit my success?
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“In the ever-evolving world of work, embracing a multi-disciplinary approach to professional development is paramount. As a business leader, Korn Ferry Academy’s Talent Management program gave me a better appreciation and understanding of HR's pivotal role and their unique challenges. This newfound perspective has paved the way for fruitful collaborations with HR professionals, whether as a coach or a business manager.

The program's distinguished features that enhanced my learning included the invaluable expertise of the faculty trainers who gave real-world context to the content, offering practical insights. Another standout feature was the chance to collaborate with an HR client, enabling participants to directly apply their newfound knowledge. This hands-on experience served to solidify our learning.”

Adeline Tiah, Founder, Executive Leadership and Reinvent Coach, Soar Global

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