Cultivating Cross-Team Collaboration and Innovation

Develop strategic communication to drive cross-team collaboration. Encourage diverse teams to break out of their silos, share their expertise, and solve problems together.


When experts in different domains come together, breakthroughs happen.

Some of the finest innovations come from cross-disciplinary thinking: origami inspired medical devices, carpentry led to toy blocks, and telegraph cables influenced the creation of solar panels.

Yet, diverse teams often find themselves seduced by the comfort and safety of silos.

To create breakthrough solutions for your customers, you’ll need to foster both deep expertise and cross-team innovation. Learn how to do that through communication skills that cultivate cross-team synergy.

Cultivating Cross-Team Collaboration and Innovation is a course designed to empower people managers, team leads, and business leaders with practical skills that steer transformative change.

In this course, you will:
  • Cultivate essential communication and negotiation skills that nurture trust, manage conflicts, and effectively engage stakeholders across diverse teams.
  • Analyze distinct team needs and motivations to develop win-win solutions.
  • Develop influencing prowess that fosters interpersonal and team-based trust, facilitates honest conversations, and propels cross-team synergy.

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Course Topics

The Seduction of Silos: Why We Don’t Collaborate

How Our Minds Are Wired to Compete Rather Than Collaborate

The Benefits of Cross-Team Collaboration

Collaboration Techniques That Create Win-Win Outcomes and Expand the Pie

Understanding Cross-Team Needs and Incentives

How Integrative Thinking, Design Thinking, and Systems Thinking Nudges Cross-Team Collaboration and Innovation

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify how individual mindsets and beliefs can enhance or inhibit our ability to collaborate effectively.
  • Develop effective communication and negotiation skills to cultivate trust, facilitate honest conversations, resolve conflicts, and synergize cross-team collaboration.
  • Analyze the needs and motivations of different teams, and identify competing and complementary priorities.
  • Adopt an integrative thinking approach to collaboration, to better understand how opposing perspectives can be turned into stronger solutions.
  • Adopt a systems thinking perspective to understand the role of rewards, incentives, organizational structures, and office layout in creating a culture of collaboration.
  • Learn to solve problems for customers and colleagues using a user-centered, design-thinking methodology.

Who Should Attend

This course is relevant for executives and managers who want to cultivate cross-team collaboration and innovation across the organization. Join this course if you’re a professional seeking to excel in an ever-changing marketplace, or a leader looking to enhance cross-team synergy and innovation.

Course Journey

Assessment & Evaluation

Participants will have a 2-day window after their course, to complete the evaluation and assessment. They must complete the evaluation and successfully pass the assessment to be eligible for their course certificate. The course evaluation and assessment will be conducted online.

To be eligible for funding, participants are required to attain a minimum 75% attendance and pass the course assessment. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Fees & Funding

Funding available for the Individual

Full Course Fee Without Funding S$2,100.00
Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents Course Fee after 70% SSG funding S$630.00
Singapore Citizens aged 40 years & above Course Fee after 70% SSG funding and MCES 20% S$210.00

All course fees are subject to prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST). GST will be applied on nett course fees after 70% baseline grant, before any other applicable subsidies.

Funding available for Singapore-registered Companies

Full Course Fee Without Funding S$2,100.00
Singapore registered Companies sponsoring Employees who are Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents Course Fee after 70% SSG funding S$630.00
Singapore registered SMEs sponsoring Employees who are Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents Course Fee after 70% SSG funding and ETSS 20% S$210.00

All course fees are subject to prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST). GST will be applied on nett course fees after 70% baseline grant, before any other applicable subsidies.

Cohort Intake

  • 5 & 6 August 2024
  • 18 & 19 Nov 2024

Facilitator Bio

Glenn Smith

Glenn is an accredited faculty of the Korn Ferry Academy. He is a seasoned leader with extensive experience in both human resources and business leadership. He has held senior roles in HR, sales, and customer success at companies such as The Adecco Group, a Fortune 500 business, as well as a tech start-up. With experience living in four diverse countries and doing business on four continents, Glenn has developed a global perspective and a deep understanding of cross-cultural engagement.

Glenn has a strong commercial mind and a talent for designing solutions that support and drive business, customer, and people strategies. He partners with customers, other business leaders, and teams to develop and execute business strategies, build talented teams, accelerate careers, improve productivity, and increase profitability. His natural flair for communication and ability to impact others has enabled him to successfully lead teams across diverse geographies and cultures.

Passionate about cross-cultural engagement and team development, Glenn brings a unique perspective to his leadership approach. His ability to navigate complex organizational challenges and drive results has earned him a reputation as a trusted business partner and strategic advisor.

Terms & Conditions

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