Leadership Program for People Managers

Learn the secrets of effective leadership.

Master the art of leading teams

First-time managers often step into the role with little to no guidance. That’s why many lack the skillset to set team objectives, withstand pressure from colleagues, and resolve conflicts.


If you aspire to develop core competencies for effective team management, then this Leadership Development Program for People Managers is for you. Gain skills in building high-performance teams and fostering empathetic leadership by balancing profit, people and purpose.


Enroll now, and get the structure and support you need to cultivate the skills essential to your role as a people manager.

Program Journey

What makes this program unique

Korn Ferry Academy’s program journeys are designed to build a strong foundation of industry-relevant knowledge with maximum impact.

By enrolling in our Leadership Program for People Managers, you’ll gain access to a curriculum backed by decades of research and experience in partnering with businesses. You’ll also glean insights from the proprietary Korn Ferry Talent Assessment, as well as our personalized Coaching support.

The Korn Ferry Talent Assessment is a powerful tool that unlocks your current capability and future potential. It helps you dig deep into the skills, behaviors and mindsets you need to achieve your goal.


The result is a detailed analysis of your strengths, opportunities, and talent gaps. You’ll gain a clear picture of what stands between your present self and your vision for the future. With this knowledge, you will create a blueprint for success—one that’s tailored for you.


How it works


You’ll receive a Korn Ferry Talent Assessment link prior to program commencement. You are expected to complete this online, self-paced assessment within the time specified. Upon completion of the assessment, you’ll receive a personalized development feedback report to help you identify your learning goals and priorities as you go through the Leadership Program for People Managers in earnest.


A group debrief will be conducted online to help you interpret and understand the report and prioritize your growth areas to build a professional brand that accurately reflects your unique qualities and strengths.

Korn Ferry Academy’s Leadership Program for People Managers features curated courses that are designed to equip you with core competencies and practical support for effective team management:

Self-Awareness and Personal Mastery for Peak Performance– Gain a comprehensive toolkit to elevate your personal beliefs, mindset and skills to boost your professional effectiveness.

Building High-Performing Teams– Learn different leadership styles to keep your employees motivated and get the best from your teams.

Performance Management for the Evolving Workforce– Transform your performance management—from a box-checking exercise, to a driver of employee success and organizational growth.

Coaching and Developing Talent for Leaders– Shift from traditional management styles to coaching styles that empower and inspire multi-generational teams.

To successfully complete the program, for every course, you need to:
  • Engage in online pre-readings
  • Attend the in-person instructor-led sessions
  • Attain a passing grade on online assessments
  • Complete course and program evaluations

Read the Terms & Conditions here

Embarking on a journey of transformation is a formidable task, and at Korn Ferry Academy, we understand that navigating through challenges requires more than just knowledge—it demands personalized guidance and strategic insights. That’s why we’ve integrated coaching into our program, recognizing it as one of the most potent tools to help you address your challenges.

Our coaching sessions are strategically placed throughout the program, serving as pivotal moments where you not only absorb valuable insights but also learn how to apply them into your business context and challenges.

Your coaching journey begins and runs concurrently with the program but we understand that your schedule is dynamic, and your time is valuable. That’s why we empower you to take control of your coaching experience. With three one-hour virtual coaching sessions at your disposal, you have the flexibility to schedule them at times that are convenient for you and your coach. This personalized approach ensures that coaching becomes an integral and seamlessly integrated part of your transformative journey.

Fees & Funding

Full Course Fee Without funding S$9,400.00
Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents Course Fee after 70% SSG funding S$2,820.00
Singapore Citizens aged 40 years & above Course Fee after 70% SSG funding and MCES 20% S$940.00

All course fees are subject to prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST). GST will be applied on nett course fees after 70% baseline grant, before any other applicable subsidies.

Cohort Intake

Leadership Program for People Managers Self-Awareness and Personal Mastery for Peak Performance Building High Performing Teams Performance Management for the Evolving Workforce Coaching and Developing Talent for Leaders
Q2 Intake 23 & 24 Jul 15 & 16 Jul 28 Aug 17 & 18 Oct
Q3 Intake 26 & 27 Aug 12 & 13 Sep 3 Oct 12 & 13 Dec
Leadership Program for People Managers Q2 Intake Q3 Intake
Self-Awareness and Personal Mastery for Peak Performance 23 & 24 Jul 26 & 27 Aug
Building High Performing Teams 15 & 16 Jul 12 & 13 Sep
Performance Management for the Evolving Workforce 28 Aug 3 Oct
Coaching and Developing Talent for Leaders 17 & 18 Oct 12 & 13 Dec


Identifying & Developing Future Leaders from Within

Learn how to recognize top talent in your organization – and nurture their potential for critical leadership roles.

Innovation Leadership: Mastering Amazon’s Working Backwards Methodology

To survive in an unpredictable, constantly evolving business environment, companies must innovate at lightning speed to stay in the game.

Retaining Top Talent and Future Leaders

To retain top talent, HR professionals and business leaders must understand their needs first. Learn how to nurture your best and brightest.

Rise to your new role

You’ve got big shoes to fill. Contact us and discover how Korn Ferry Academy can help you achieve more as a people manager.